Thanks to everyone who came along to the first #nqtsw session on the 2nd September.

We talked about the stages needed to progressing your application to interview to getting a job and how difficult it is to get a good idea about what the school is like in that process. It might look brillinat right up to the point that you start working there and then you find ou that they all microwave brussel sprouts in the staffroom.

Any way, there were some great questions that I said I would go and find out about. So here they are.

Quick fire questions

Is there a time limit on being an NQT? What sort of supply work can count towards a newly qualified teacher year? How long can I supply for before I need to fininsh my induction?

The answers below have come from the statutory guidance on induction for NQTs (2018) it is not a riviting read, but very useful! It also might be revised again so do keep an eye on it!

Slighty less quick fire answers

If you gained QTS after Sept 2007, there is no time limit on being an NQT at all. Once you’ve been awarded QTS, you have QTS. As long as you can find a school who is willing to employ you, induction can start then.

Supply teaching is different: you are only allowed to do short-term supply for five years after being awarded QTS – after that, you have to do your NQT year if you want to carry on teaching in a state school. In the guidance “short-term” is anything less than a term.

You can’t add up bits of supply teaching to make up a year. However if you do a block for longer than one term, this can contribute towards your NQT induction and the school must put a plan in place to support you.
So long-term supply, such as maternity leave cover / sickness cover for three months, this can count towards your NQT year. Casual short-term supply does not count.

Some things to consider. You only get one shot at completing induction, if you get to the end of the induction year and don’t have sufficient evidence you don’t ge a do over. So make sure you and the school (headteacher) and the appropriate body all know that this is an induction completing supply cover and that the appropriate body has said the post is suitable for this purpose.

“An NQT has only one chance to complete statutory induction. An NQT who has completed induction, and is judged to have failed to meet the relevant standards at the end of their induction period, is not permitted to repeat induction”

You build up your induction year in units of terms. 3 full terms spread over many years is fine. 2 terms at 0.5 FTE at one school concurrently counts as one Induction term. You can do a term and then take a break. Half a term full time, or term part time does not count.

You can also work supply for someone else (which does not contribute to your NQT year) alongside your induction. However, as we said above, you can’t work supply for longer than five years unless you complete an induction period

There is no time limit on how quickly you have to finish your NQT if you are doing it as supply. You don’t have to do it in 5 years. You just can’t take on any NON-INDUCTION teaching work after 5 years. But you can do a term of supply if it counts towards your inductoin.

Where can I do my induction year?

You can do your NQT year in any school, except for schools in special measures, a secure training centre or an FE institution that has been given the Ofsted grading “inadequate”, or has had its leadership graded category four (mostly, but there are exceptios here)

You can also complete your NQT year in an international school if it is a qualifying Cobis school that has successfully completed a British Schools Overseas inspection by theDfE.


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