Thank you for your interest in writing for Better Science. I hope this guide is useful.

You can tweet me and I’ll set you up as an author. Then you can write your blog directly in wordpress. Or you can email over your word.doc.

Plan your blog before you start writing

Consider what you want to say and how you want to say it. Keep the point or purpose of your blog in mind when you are writing. Generally readers have about 2-3 minutes reading time, so that is about 600 – 900 words tops.

Make sure your blog has a clear beginning, middle and end

  • Beginning: an introductory paragraph. Use this to raise an issue, identify a trend, bring up an idea or introduce a concept.
  • Middle: the main body of the blog. This can take many forms, but could discuss the reasons for an issue, the implications of a new idea, the problems with a new trend, or could be more practical, such as guidance or advice, or explanation/description of activities.
  • End: a conclusion or summary of what’s been said. Round of by offering some insight, making a suggestion, asking a question or making a call to action.

Get to the point

Be clear, be specific, and avoid long, wordy paragraphs with excessive background information.

Make sure you put your most important information first. (The BBC is really good at this, look at its website for examples.)

Be concise

Write in short sentences and cut out unnecessary words. Avoid repeating information.

Make it scannable

Long blocks of copy are difficult to read online, so break your content up by using short paragraphs of one or two sentences.

Quotes, sub-headings, bullet points and numbered lists are also effective ways to increase your blog’s scan-ability.

Use plain English

Avoid using jargon or unnecessarily obscure vocabulary. .

Use appealing headlines

Make your headlines enticing and relevant to the blog – try to make it clear what the reader will get our of reading it.

Remember to round off

End your post with a short conclusion or call to action.

Don’t be controversial for the sake of it
If making bold statements, back them up with evidence from credible sources.

Check everything
Before sending your blog, spell check and fact check it. Check the meaning is clear and not ambiguous.

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